Request for Recognition

March 2, 2023
Peggy Rajski
Interim CEO
The Trevor Project
PO Box 69232
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Via Email:

Dear Ms. Rajski:

We are writing to inform you that a supermajority of the non-managerial staff at The Trevor Project have signed representation cards authorizing the Communications Workers of America to serve as our collective bargaining representative. As such, we request that The Trevor Project recognize the Union as this unit’s exclusive bargaining representative and agree to meet and negotiate a collective bargaining agreement. Should you want proof that the union enjoys supermajority support, we would be happy to submit the signed authorization cards to a mutually- agreeable neutral third party for verification.

We are enclosing our vision statement for an explanation of why we have formed our union. As you can see, an overwhelming supermajority of The Trevor Project employees have committed to unionizing. We are asking Trevor to voluntarily recognize the union and begin negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, a process we believe will be amicable and will serve to strengthen the

In your recent communications about the union process, you stated that you welcome discussions around staff members engaging the organization in unionized collective bargaining, and that you would respect staff’s rights to unionize. We hope the organization will adhere to its values of collaboration and inclusiveness and respect Trevor employees’ decision.

Voluntary recognition is the best way to respect the right of workers to make their own choice about whether or not to join a union. It is the norm among progressive non-profit organizations: National Center for Transgender Equality, LYRIC Center for LGBTQ Youth, and the ACLU of Maryland, and many others have all voluntarily recognized unions. Large corporations, such as AT&T, and Microsoft, and major non-profits, such as Amnesty International, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Red Cross, Democracy Now!, National Public Radio, the Sunrise Movement, Greenpeace, and Sierra Club also voluntarily recognized unions when a majority of their employees signed union cards. We hope The Trevor Project will not be an outlier.

Please respond by Monday, March 6 by communicating with CWA Lead Organizer, Amy Solar-Greco, at or 845-661-0935.

We ask for voluntary recognition with deep respect for and commitment to The Trevor Project and its goals. We believe that unionizing and moving forward in a constructive relationship through collective bargaining is consistent with the company’s values. We look forward to your response.


The Friends of Trevor United Organizing Committee

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