We are Friends of Trevor United

A dedicated labor union advocating for diversity, equity, and a secure working environment for The Trevor Project's workforce. We are an extension of the community we serve, including BIPOC, disabled, trans, and non-binary people.

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workplace graphics

Our Vision

We, the workers of The Trevor Project, are dedicated to creating a world where all LGBTQ+ young people see a bright future for themselves. The Trevor Project has strayed away from its values and vision. Over the past months and years, our staff members have called into question the leadership and priorities of the organization. Trevor’s vision is at the heart of our unionization, and we believe only union representation will ensure our voices are heard and demands achieved. A union contract would set clear, safe, and equitable conditions of staff employment, protect staff members from retaliation, and ensure equitable treatment for all.

Our BIPOC Vision Statement

The BIPOC Caucus’ vision is to cultivate a workplace culture that is dedicated to centering BIPOC issues, anti-racism, and equitable employment practices while fostering an environment of belonging. BIPOC people have autonomy and power over our own lives and futures. Our collective joy, gifts, stories, and cultural ancestral practices are the life force that weaves our communities together. We can and will be our whole selves without fear of retaliation or institutionalized violence. White supremacy must be abolished on all fronts.

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Working Together In Fairness

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are forming a union for a seat at the table. We have already seen the power of change that comes from collective action: challenging changes to our health benefits, creating a safe forum for employees to share our experiences with racism and discrimination, obtaining transparent staff engagement data, and removing unethical leadership from the organization. With a union, we will have the power to negotiate on issues that matter to us such as increased wages, benefits, disability accommodations, DEIB and anti-racism policies, and much more!

No, the union is us! ​​A union is an organization of employees coming together for a collective voice in our workplace. Once we vote for a union, all of us at The Trevor Project will be our own chapter, commonly known as a “shop.” While we will join a larger network of unions, our Trevor members will decide together what we want in our contract. We will sit at the bargaining table and negotiate with management. WE will elect our coworkers to represent us and guide us forward. WE are the union!

No one pays a penny in dues until union contracts are ratified. Dues are only 1.3%, or $1.30 per $100 you earn. Union dues fund crucial union operations like contract negotiations and enforcement, legal expertise, and member support, organizing, and advocacy. Union dues do not come out of any pre-tax deductions such as your 403B, FSA, etc, nor do they come out of any bonuses, or overtime pay.

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