Post-Values Launch: Silenced Voices Can’t Shatter Silos

Today, we saw Trevor leadership launch new values for the organization, values developed in collaboration with a third-party consultant rife with anti-worker accusations and cop-city associations, KPMG. OUR union’s values are the worker’s values! These values guide the very proposals we are fighting for in our historic contract, a contract that will protect hundreds of LGBTQ+ workers for years to come. As workers, we are committed to the Trevor mission beyond mere buzzwords and know that values mean nothing without significant change that disrupts the legacy of harm, discrimination, and inaction. In tandem with leadership’s internal values launch, we’d like to elevate the values developed by the workers.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

  • Concretize the dignity, respect, and safety of our Black, AAPI, Latinx, MENA/SWANA, and Indigenous staff through zero-tolerance racism and discrimination policies, continuous anti-racism and bias training, and equitable hiring practices.

Safety & Protection For LGBTQ+ young people

  • A focus on the quality of the services we provide to LGBTQ+ young people.
  • The development and commitment to anti-carceral policies and procedures.
  • Realistic and trauma-informed metrics, expectations, and working conditions for crisis service staff.

Equity, Wellbeing, & Dignity for All Workers

  • Implementation of comprehensive and responsive accommodation processes for disabled and neuro-divergent employees.
  • Access to best-in-class healthcare including gender-affirming services with no preconditions.
  • Transparent, fair, and equitable pay bands and compensation; guaranteeing a living wage for all.

Leadership Accountability & Organizational Transparency

  • An influential role in decision-making about our workplace and an end to
    top-down leadership.
  • Transparency and safeguards around layoffs, department restructures, and severance benefits.
  • Clear and direct accountability from management and C-Suite leadership.

During the live stream, leadership shared some emojis and backgrounds to use in tandem with their values… but we prefer they commit to concretize those new values into a fair union contract!

We continue to urge you to be loud and proud with your union support. WE are the union, WE are Trevor; no matter how many times they try to say otherwise and WE will get that contract.

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