Mass Layoffs Amid Active Union Bargaining

The Trevor Project just announced mass layoffs effective immediately… while our union was in an active bargaining session. Here are the facts:

At 9:15 am pst, as many of our members and overnight staff were still sleeping, The Trevor Project announced layoffs effective immediately… while our union representatives were in an active bargaining session regarding the terms of these layoffs.

Trevor lawyers refused to bargain around how unit members would be chosen in these layoffs. Instead of considering our proposals of a voluntary program or even seniority, they cherry picked who they wanted to let go, many being our FTU organizers. 

Trevor lawyers threatened to proceed with layoffs and withhold severance in order to pressure our representatives into accepting a lesser package. This is bad-faith bargaining and blatant union busting.

Trevor leadership continues to release announcements with misinformation stating they gave the union notice “well in advance” regarding the layoffs and “responded promptly” to our requests to bargain.

Again, this is a lie.

Trevor lawyers finally provided us with a formal layoff plan late on Thursday June 29, leading into an administrative holiday weekend, knowing many organizers and representatives would be out of office.

They intentionally rushed bargaining.

As of now, we are still receiving word of who these layoffs have impacted, with members having to check their personal email at the top of every hour hoping they still have a job.

There is still no transparency regarding how these decisions were made.

Our union made every attempt to bargain in good faith.

We gave Trevor leadership an opportunity to demonstrate care, compassion, and basic decency in this process and they refused.

Trevor has again strayed from its values and mission. They’ve chosen “business-needs” and profit over care for the very LGBTQ+ community they are meant to serve.

Trevor publicly boasts of the importance of BIPOC mental health, Trans visibility and inclusion, the critical need for disability justice, yet they actively and consistently harm their BIPOC, trans, and disabled staff. 

In the deadliest year for our LGBTQ+ community, Trevor leadership has made it clear we’re nothing but a line item in their budget.



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