Layoffs Are Union Busting

You may have seen the recent blog post from The Trevor Project leadership publicly announcing an imminent reduction of force (that’s corporate for layoffs).

We have learned that Trevor leadership expects to immediately layoff between 40 to 45 union employees, which is about 15% of our bargaining unit in the first week of July.

On May 30th, Trevor leadership carelessly made their first mention of layoffs during the closing comments of our Trevor Community Meeting.

Trevor claims they informed the union of layoffs “well in advance to making their announcement.”

This is a lie.

Our CWA representatives reached out to Trevor’ attorney on May 31st, after the Mobilizing Committee informed our reps of this announcement. Trevor’s attorney claimed they did not have information regarding layoffs.

Our union has yet to receive a formal notice of the layoff plan. Trevor leadership would like to continue layoffs on the first week of July but cannot legally do so until they engage in effects bargaining with the union.

Trevor leadership claims that fiscal hardship caused by “unsustainable expansion” has created an immediate need for layoffs at this time.

But why has leadership suddenly noticed this now?

  1. We just won recognition and became the first ever union at The Trevor Project as Friends of Trevor United-CWA 1180.
  2. We just concluded elections yesterday for our historic Bargaining Committee.
  3. We have filed a formal request to negotiate the effects of these layoffs, one of our rights as a union.

Trevor leadership has held multiple captive audience meetings, shutting down our access to our general staff slack channel, disabling meetings Q&A functionality, and closing meeting comment sections.

Leadership has undermined the union, labeling our collective action as “disruptive,” “uncourteous,” and “resentful.”

Trevor leadership has prioritized public optics rather than providing transparency, access to financial information, or effective communication to our union.

Trevor leadership has the power to reduce the harm of these layoffs are a result of their own negligence.

If they won’t… call it what is it then: UNION BUSTING.

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